The RCS Bullet Suite delivers custom hardware and software solutions for multiple scenarios including supporting proprietary RCS technology:

RCS Singular Bullet
Delivering Singular graphics in an NDI or HD-SDI workflow
RCS Vizrt Bullet
A laptop or desktop solution for productions using Vizrt graphics

Since 1997 RCS has been synonymous with award winning graphics, however the on air visuals have invariably been supported by RCS’ in-house Advanced Engineering team. Often the projects that RCS is engaged in require more than ‘just’ the design and build of award winning graphics. There have been multiple occasions where the team has also needed to provide custom hardware solutions.

Almost 20 years ago this led to the creation of RCGear; a dedicated division within RCS that provided the remote graphics hardware solutions for every stick and ball sport for broadcasters across North America for many years. RCS continues to provide hardware to support events ranging from the Super Bowl through international UFC events and more. However the needs of our clients have changed significantly over the years.

The RCS Advanced Engineering team also custom built graphics hardware for F1, NASCAR and many more clients where space was at a premium. They also created the hardware that underpinned the revolutionary Uppercut system that was a pioneer of streamlined live production used by NASCAR and Sky Deutschland among others.

Over the years the Advanced Engineering team at RCS has evolved to adopt multiple new technologies to help solve some of our clients biggest challenges. As the needs of our clients change, the team has adapted to embrace these challenges. That client-led demand was the initial reason for creating the RCS Bullet; a portable graphics system in a flight case. The original bullets were shipped all over North America and globally, servicing a wide range of the biggest sporting and news events on the calendar.

Modern broadcasts now require alternative solutions that offer a greater deal of flexibility while also harnessing the latest technologies. That has led to the creation of the new RCS Bullet Suite.

To address the varied requirements of our clients, RCS has created a completely new modular system that incorporates a suite of different RCS Bullets, each created to serve a specific production requirement. Each purpose built for optimal performance and value.