The most advanced soccer analysis touchscreen solution enabling deep presenter-led soccer analysis incorporating video, data and graphics in a touchscreen.

With LaunchPad, operators can effortlessly summon captivating visualizations for in-depth analysis of leagues, teams, players, and matches. Seamlessly transition between these graphics with lightning speed, keeping viewers engaged and captivated throughout the broadcast.

But LaunchPad doesn't stop there. It accompanies game play wherever it goes, fitting perfectly into the ever-expanding multichannel ecosystem of studio-based analysis. The option to run on a laptop enables a lightweight version for easy transportation, ensuring it can be deployed to any event location as needed.

Every LaunchPad system is tailored to match the client's aesthetic, incorporating design elements such as colors, fonts, logos, and backgrounds. Powered by RCS proprietary software and plugins, alongside the Vizrt Engine and a custom-configured third-party touchscreen, LaunchPad offers an extensive toolkit for live graphical visualization of results, tables, fixtures, leaders, and much more.

Real-time data delivery is made possible through RCS Foundation; a cloud-based data aggregation platform that provides an elegant and forward-looking solution. By leveraging live data feeds from Stats Perform (Opta), LaunchPad brings analytics to life while eliminating the hassle and cost of backend integration, additional hardware, and local database maintenance.

Originally conceived in 2015, LaunchPad was built to serve a gap in the market. Putting video, data and graphics in the hands of on-air talent, analysts and guests, enabling them to drive the conversation with stats and analysis to back it up.

Clients using LaunchPad have complete free rein on how much they use it, meaning a wide range of potential use cases are open to all clients. These include:
Live matchday analysis for your key soccer rights
Pre match, half time and post match analysis
Shoulder Programming
Creating shows that do deeper analysis on the rights youhold (and even ones you don’t!)
Digital-Only Shows
With no additional costs you can use LaunchPad to create separate digital only shows with a small crew and different presenters: a great, cost effective way to experiment with new formats and talent
Studio Fills
Setting LaunchPad into sequence mode you can have it scroll through a sequence of graphics to use as monitor fills in-studio
Bespoke content creation
Using sequence mode you can create a bespoke sequence of graphics that wll automatically play out when triggered.These can be captured and then edited to create datadriven graphics for other content.

There are many more but these are some of the ways our clients are already using their LaunchPad systems.