RCS Cutter is a proprietary cloud-based solution that enables the quick, cost-effective creation of mosaic channels and alternate feeds. Rather than being a live production solution like Uppercut, Cutter is designed to be more of a cloud-based channel expander. It enables clients to take in multiple live signals and present them in a different layout such as a mosaic channel.

In addition to creating mosaic outputs, Cutter can also be used to generate unique-state channels. This gives clients the ability to take their produced ‘host broadcast’ or unilateral feed and automatically generate additional versions of the produced feed with alternate graphics or layouts. This can be localized versions of content for different markets, including different sponsors logos or alternate language graphics for example.

Crucially this can be done without creating additional galleries or investing significant sums in hardware or requiring more resources, all of which helps keep the costs down.

RCS has combined over 15 years of specific experience from Hotpass and Uppercut and combined it with new technologies to create a best of breed solution for clients looking to further monetize their content with minimal investment.

RCS is already looking to the future with Cutter. Our roadmap includes an interactive version where viewers have the option to create their own personalized mosaic channel, selecting the video feeds they want to watch (and where on the screen). We can also include the ability for viewers to select the language of their graphics, and enhance engagement through things like interactive polls, data, chat and more.