We deliver Emmy™ Award winning graphics, live data and video solutions for leading organizations across sport, news and general entertainment worldwide. Our clients include the biggest federations, leagues, networks, technology brands and more.
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RCS Foundation

RCS Foundation is a proprietary data service that ingests, manages and distributes your data to any destination at high frequency and low latency. Designed to optimize data workflows whilst also enabling clients to change data providers or use multiple data providers, without having to change their data workflow or infrastructure.
  • Multiple data sources (data provider agnostic)
  • Cloud-based for hardware-free remote operation
  • Single source of data (consistency)
  • Managed service (no client resource required)
  • Client facing monitoring tools
  • Low latency high frequency
  • Multiple delivery points and formats
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RCS Cobb

A bespoke operator interface built to optimize graphic operations and workflow. Graphics platform agnostic, Cobb can be data interfaced and custom built to suit the specific requirements of your live production.
  • Built for purpose operator interface
  • Streamline data integrations
  • Hybrid graphic workflow options
  • Remote and on-site compatibility
  • Multiple output options from single operator
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RCS Cutter

Our proprietary solution for expanding the commercial opportunities of your rights. Cloud or on-prem options for generating localized content at scale with different languages, sponsors, promos and more. This allows commercial teams to sell specific, dedicated feeds to international customers including alternate feeds with specific player/team focus or advanced data for example.
  • Infinitely scalable bespoke feeds
  • Create localized content
  • Alternate feeds to deliver increased value
  • Retain brand integrity and consistency globally
  • Maximize rights revenue with new streams
  • Advanced analytics via enhanced data links
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RCS Bullets

Highly optimized modular hardware with pre-installed software ready to support your productions at scale without massive up front costs.
  • Scalable solution without long term commitments
  • Remotely managed hardware and software
  • High density output ratio
  • Keep CAPEX costs down
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Icon of triangular arrow facing to the right inside of a circle

RCS LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a cutting-edge touchscreen solution for soccer analysis, empowering presenters to delve into comprehensive game insights using video, data, and graphics. With its rapid visualization capabilities, viewers are captivated by real-time, in-depth analysis of leagues, teams, players, and matches. Adaptable to multichannel ecosystems and remote locations via laptop, LaunchPad tailors visuals to clients' unique branding elements.

Powered by RCS proprietary software, Vizrt Engine, and controlled via touchscreens or tablets, it offers an extensive toolkit for live visualization. LaunchPad brings analytics to life with real-time data from Stats Perform (Opta), streamlining backend integration and eliminating maintenance concerns.
  • Live matchday analysis for your key soccer rights
  • Shoulder programming
  • Digital-Only shows
  • Studio fills
  • Bespoke content creation
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