Exceptional Graphic Solutions
Setting the standard for real time graphics in broadcast. Our clients are the highest profile Leagues, Federations, Networks and Broadcasters who demand the best. In addition to award winning on-air graphics, we also create sophisticated ticker systems, interactive, adaptive and localized graphics for enhanced viewer engagement.
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13 EMMY awards and counting
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RCS Graphics optimize your infrastructure's performance output
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We work with clients all over the world
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We work with multiple platforms to deliver the right solution for your needs
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Experts with VizRT, Ross Xpression, Unreal and Singular.live
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RCS has a distinguished track record of delivering exceptional innovations for live production including automation, new visualizations, tickers, adaptive, interactive, remote production and more
RCS was an early adopter of Vizrt and quickly gained a reputation for delivering exceptional graphics for our clients. We learned fast that making great looking graphics was only part of the solution. Delivering packages that are robust, can be expanded and that are highly optimized is just as important as how it looks.

In the early days, RCS provided full graphic services to clients like ESPN as they adopted 3D graphics. Over time, we have expanded our skill set to include Ross Xpression, Singular.live and Unreal. Key to our philosophy is delivering the right solution for every client and every project. This includes custom interfaces, control applications, data integrations and more.

As technology in broadcast continues to evolve at an accelerating pace, RCS has worked with a wider range of partners, adopting new technologies that we believe can benefit our clients and their specific challenges. This includes adaptive graphics that are specific to the screen format they are delivered on and that can also dynamically scale if that screen format changes (landscape to portrait mode on a phone for example).

Using our expertise with the Singular.live platform RCS can deliver graphics that render client-side on end user devices, enabling localization, personalization and interactivity for enhanced viewer engagement and monetization.

RCS is also a development partner for the Unreal Avalanche program; an exciting new broadcast-focused graphics solution from Epic using Unreal engine. This promises to be another powerful tool that will help continue to drive innovation in broadcast.

At any point in any day there is an RCS built graphic on air somewhere in the world not least because of the many tickers that we have delivered. RCS tickers are sophisticated and extremely powerful. Built to last, robust systems with optional web interfaces for remote control and accessibility, our tickers are custom made to deliver a wide range of templates and options that ensure their longevity. Sky Sport News in Germany still uses the same ticker system RCS built for them that launched in 2011 representing both exceptional resilience and good value!