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Rights Done Right
RCS Cutter enables federations, broadcasters and content producers to leverage their multilateral feed to create unique streams delivering quality, value and innovation to their global partners.
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Create infinite bespoke feeds with no upfront costs
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Build and maintain quality and consistency
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Engage your audience with graphics in local languages
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Generate new revenue through unlimited sponsorship opportunities
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Deliver more for your broadcast partners
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Embrace live statistics and sponsorship analytics
With RCS Cutter, you can seamlessly transform your raw feed into tailored content experiences that captivate audiences worldwide. Our intuitive tools and advanced technologies allow you to curate, enhance, and customize streams to meet the specific needs and preferences of your target demographic.

Gain a competitive edge by delivering content that stands out in a crowded market. From live events to curated highlights, RCS Cutter enables you to showcase the best of your offerings while maintaining the highest standards of production quality.

Unlock new opportunities for monetization and audience engagement with our comprehensive suite of features. Whether you're looking to drive revenue through sponsorships, advertising, or subscription models, RCS Cutter provides the flexibility and scalability you need to succeed in today's dynamic media landscape.

Join leading federations, broadcasters, and content producers who trust RCS Cutter to elevate their streaming capabilities and exceed the expectations of their global partners. Experience the difference for yourself and revolutionize the way you deliver content to audiences worldwide.
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Hardware or software-only options

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SDI and IP video workflows

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On-site, cloud or hybrid

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Live data integration

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Automation, monitoring and security

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SaaS or project-based pricing

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