MLB Automated Cloud Games Package


In the summer of 2023 MLB was looking for a custom application to utilize graphics and integrate various forms of data available to MLB for a cost-effective, scalable, and heavily automated application that could be used in their live international broadcasts of the 2023 MLB Postseason games to the country of India.  The turn-around time was quick but they were looking to produce full playoff games and eventually an entire series in the NLCS, while matching the production value as close to a traditional broadcast as possible.


With the time constraints of getting a custom application ready in time for the 2023 MLB Playoffs and RCS needing to build a live-games graphics package, it was decided to utilize existing designs from the MLB Network live-games package that was previously built in Vizrt by RCS.  With existing and MLB-approved designs, RCS rebuilt all essential in-game graphics in that included everything from the scorebug, to lower 3rd inserts, to fullscreen lineups, with each template fully interfaced pulling MLB data from 4 separate APIs.

MLB was looking to showcase all data available to a traditional domestic broadcast, so RCS was able to integrate 4 unique data sources including Stats API (traditional player stats), Game State Lite (fastest available data for pitch-by-pitch events), Live Ball Tracking (pitch & hit data), and Pitch Clock (timer for pitcher introduced in 2023 season).

Using all 4 data sources, RCS created a dynamic and automated scorebug system that produced information on every single pitch and game event, along with game and season statistics for every batter and pitcher throughout each game.  Using Cobb, the RCS custom graphic application that was installed locally in New Jersey at MLBN studios, MLB was able to control all graphic elements with a single operator, most templates automated with content generated by the various live data.

MLB composited the output via Spalk’s cloud-based production studio, where they received clean video feeds from the host broadcaster and added commentary with one announcer from India and another from the US (both in English language.)

The project was a great success showcasing the ability for RCS to build streamlined graphics packages, integrating any data available into a live broadcast, and provide nimble and bespoke solutions in cloud-based production environments.  RCS continues to collaborate with MLB and will continue to do so by pushing forward new production solutions in this ever-changing media landscape.


A successful launch of MLB’s first cloud-based, live in-game graphics package opened the possibilities for additional live content, scalability, and localization by providing unique feeds to any country or region.  As MLB continues to grow in popularity worldwide, there is a significant opportunity to leverage the available multilateral feeds to create unique content for their global partners.  Through HTML graphics, complex data integration and custom control applications, RCS has an opportunity to help MLB push innovation forward on cloud-based productions while growing and engaging an international audience.

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