MLB Network Rebrand


In conjunction with a design refresh for the 2016 season, long time client MLB Network was looking for graphics data workflow enhancements. The goal was to rebuild their real-time graphics data architecture to improve data automation, and simplify the workflow of several standalone graphics control applications.


Realty Check Solutions developed a digital facelift road map for MLB Network ahead of the 2016 season, marking the network’s first graphic redesign since its launch in 2009. RCS, in collaboration with MLB Network, developed a cohesive new graphics package which debuted on Opening Day across MLB Network’s studio shows, live game coverage, MLB Network Strike Zone and a 24/7 ticker automation system. All are powered by RCS Foundation, a proprietary cloud-based application that curates and organizes live and historical stats and syncs the parsed data with graphic templates for real-time playout to air.

From inception to delivery, RCS designers, developers and artists collaborated with MLB Network to bring its vision to life, proposing ideas and compiling designs to achieve a practical, future-proof workflow for fast responding graphics. After designing a full suite of graphics templates, RCS overhauled MLB Network’s existing data center, replacing old systems with new web-based technology and integrating it with RCS Foundation which streamlines MLB Networks' data-driven graphics, acting as a bridge between its data and on air graphics.

Beyond establishing the data workflow, RCS revamped two heavily used real-time applications: a custom baseline ticker and the menustrip.  The companies worked together to rebuild the 24/7 live baseline ticker from the ground up. With the new ticker, MLB can now deploy pop-up images and additional content that is seamlessly compatible with other on air graphics. At the same time, the RCS team redesigned the user interface resulting in a ticker that is easier to program and more agile in covering developing stories.

For the menustrip, RCS provided a single application and VizRT scene to be used across multiple productions and the ability to quickly swap show-specific information.  A revamped interface also allows production to make fast and easy adjustments live, on air.


Long time client MLB Network was looking for a full graphics package and infrastructure facelift ahead of the 2016 season. RCS worked with MLB to build out a full graphics package, production workflow and cloud based data service.

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