QTV and RCS transform SPFL productions


QTV wanted to help the SPFL achieve a more consistent approach to live productions of SPFL matches. They also wanted to streamline operations, increase the quality of production and identify cost efficiencies. Rather than creating a short term solution, QTV and the SPFL wanted to create a model that they could evolve and build upon, effectively future-proofing them.


The SPFL and QTV were already working with RCS to deliver a robust, efficient production infrastructure for live matches. After a successful first season, the SPFL wanted to enhance productions whilst QTV were also keen to further innovate with RCS. The decision was made to transition to a dedicated RCS Cobb operator interface that allowed a deep level of data integration to better visualize live data from StatsPerform. The data is delivered through RCS’ proprietary RCS Foundation; a cloud-based data management and delivery service that optimizes data for multiple destinations including Singular graphics.

The use of RCS Cobb also streamlined the production operations enabling more focus to be put on delivering a higher quality production. These efficiencies also make it much easier for the QTV team to deliver team specific outputs enabling clubs to have their own versions of the SPFL graphics package through the use of the Singular.live graphics platform.

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